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Fine Arts

Our Visual Art Program

The VPA Visual Art program is directed toward serious and passionate students who want their art work to be an expressive interpretation of their inner thoughts and feelings. This happens when students feel comfortable and nurtured, which they are in the VPA Visual Art Program. Every day students are encouraged to think differently, to dream, and to go beyond expectations. And every day the students deliver. Teachers provide individual instruction, which helps students develop the skills and confidence they need to acquire for a career in an art profession.


Art Auditions

Audition Rubric

The candidate will earn one of the following scores, based on the criteria described below.

4 – Exceptional
3 – Competent
2 – Needs Development
1 – Below Standards

Uses or attempts a variety of media and/or techniques
Ability to observe and record shapes, lines, textures, values, and space in a work of art
Ability to conceptualize and make judgments regarding the use of the entire picture palate
Ability to utilize or attempt a style or technique that reflects or expresses a personal feeling or emotion associated with the subject matter
Presentation of artwork that shows thoughtfulness, care, value, and permanence in its construction

Visual Art Audition Requirements

  • Candidates must bring a portfolio of TEN EXAMPLES of their best work. The portfolio must include drawings based on observation (looking at something, watercolors, painting, and one or two 3-D pieces. Students may bring photographs of their 3-D work. Cartoon and anime drawings are not to be included.
  • Candidates must present a written artist’s statement (a few paragraphs) describing why they believe the VPA program is the best placement for them, and why they believe art is an important aspect of our world.
  • The candidate must present his/her most recent report card and a transcript that offers a history of academic success. A requirement for admissions in the VPA is a 2.5 UNWEIGHTED grade point average.
  • The candidate must present two (2) letters of recommendation from teachers or other mentors in the art field. These may be completed after the audition date, but must be submitted before a student will be accepted.

On the date of the audition, candidates should expect the following:

  • The candidate will be asked to complete three drawing assignments as directed by the art faculty.
  • Art faculty will review the candidate’s portfolio
  • Art faculty will interview the candidate to determine aptitude and promise***The audition will take 60 to 120 minutes***
Steve Strenk
Steve StrenkFine Arts Chair
Jeff Cornwell
Jeff CornwellAdjunct
Female Art Lady
Female Art LadyArt Teacher