Theatre | Fiddler on the Roof

We are nearing sold out for this show!




Tevye, a dairy man | Eli Schildkraut
Golde, his wife | Maya O’Day
Tzeitl, his eldest daughter | Emma Katz
Hodel, his 2nd daughter | Hannah Beatt
Chava, his 3rd daughter | Sarah Johnson
Schprintze, his 2nd youngest | Alex Finnerty
Bielke, his youngest daughter | Hunter Thorkelson
Yente, the matchmaker | Calypso Habermehl
Lazar Wolf, a butcher | Jeton Hajroja
Motel Kamzoil, a tailor | Carter Sabuda
Perchik, a student | Storm Tracy
Fyedka, a Russian soldier | Hunter Day
Constable | Rogers Knopik
Sasha, another soldier | Vincent Pearson
Petrov, another soldier | Tay Peterson
Rabbi | Agustin Renteria
The Priest/ensemble | Johnny Stipancich
Mordcha, an innkeeper | Bronson Byerley
Avram, a bookseller | Dominic Turner
Mendl, the rabbi’s son | Daniel Shinkarow
Yussel, a hat maker | Jake Cooper
Nachum, a beggar | Jake Silver
Shaindel, Motel’s mother | Kassidy St. Clair
Grandma Tzeitl | Piper Murray*
Frumah Sarah, Lazars dead wife | Emma Diner*
Bottle Dancers TBA
Papas | Timarus Foulks
Mamas | Sabrina McClenithan, Nicolette Huitt, Symphony Thompson
Daughters | Bea Kelly, Taylor Reister*, Haley Rosenthal
Sons | Jonah Dushene -Shaw, Piper Murray*
The Fiddler | Ben Hoermann

*(designates additional male ensemble)


Director Scott Keys
Music Director Johnnie Mnich
Choreogrpaher Cynthia Ashford
Tech Director/Designer Seth Berry
Costume Designer Heather O’Brien
Production Manager Nick Jones
Stage Manager TBA
Lighting Designer Owen Leonard
Sound Designer/Engineer Zach Fonder
Assts. To Director Ashley Abrams, Olivia Hilliard
Asst. To Musical Director Jessica Apatow

Rehearsals will begin tomorrow, Monday Feb.27th 2:45-5:30 all week
In Mr. Mnich’s Room. Full cast called. Fyedka, Constable, Priest, Russians will be dismissed early.

Mazel Tov!